Osun’s Orgasmic Healing International lives in Nyame’s Ile Amadlozi meaning, “God’s House of the Ancestors. ” It is from the womb of our Ancestors that One God Many Nations emerges to induce spiritual trance-formation for all seeking to go beyond the realms of what the brain has logically learned.  It is a walk of faith, prayer and conscious daily living in which we know we are being guided directed, contacted and paid attention to on a spiritual level.  We travel many places connecting with many people. One God Many Nations Sanctuary exists in places where you and I come together in order to serve a higher purpose. “Together We Heal”

MISSION: Together We Heal!

We empower people who are seeking spiritual elevation to become successful in ALL aspects of their life using African Traditional Healing Systems (ATHS) while applying universal principles for the purpose of healing, transformation, teaching, training and spiritual expansion to spread love in all directions of our existence.  Together We Heal to increase the harmony on the planet we share and universal vibrations!



African Shamanistic Healing has been around since the beginning of time yet, largely due to slavery, it is least known, recognized and accepted in Western, Eastern, other cultures and alternative healing practices. African Shamans exist and are well known in all parts of Africa. Shamans emerge after going through an extensive rites of passage and initiation to be rebirth as a healer. It is not the person who chooses to become a African Shaman, rather, it is the spirit guides of the person who calls them. These spirit guides may have existed in the family for centuries and manifest as Elevated Ancestral Spirits, Abosom, Loa or Orisha, or other deities within the African family lineage and sometimes animal totems. They may contact the person directly through dreams, speaking, possession, mental illness, physical manifestation or creating disruptions in the person’s lifestyle that moves the person to seek help through their hardship. Traditionally, it is the only way a person can become a Shaman in an African Traditional Healing Systems.

The term “Shaman” is actually a generic term that is recognized worldwide, to describe a person who is able to connect with the invisible spiritual world and transmute powers to the physical world for healing purposes. 20161007_230843

In various parts of Africa the Shaman is given titles such as Nana, amongst the Akan Priest of Ghana, West Africa. The title Gogo or Mkhulu, is given amongst the Sangoma and Inyanga Healers of South Africa and the title Babalowo, Iyanifa or Yeye is used amongst the Yoruba Priest of Nigeria, West Africa. In the Voudon tradition, Hougan or Mambo is throughout the cultural traditions of Haiti, whose practice originally derived from Africa. There are numerous amounts of African Shamans throughout Africa. These are just a few that are becoming more prevalent throughout World.