In African Traditional Healing systems causes of  illness, bad relationships, depression, sadness and other life difficulties stem from an underlying thread that links to the person’s spirit.  All of these symptoms are signs that something with in the natural function of the person’s spirit is out of balance.  As Shamans, Mystics, Seers and Healers we are called to identify this unbalanced nature and bring the person into a state of equilibrium that will cause a person to experience equanimity as their life continues to transform and move one closer to their true being on earth.  In order to properly identity the underlying issue and how to resolve the obstacles with use a method of divination / consultation.  Our residing Priest Yeye Gogo Nana is an ordained Priest in all three regions and have been doing spiritual consultations for over 20 years.  The Ifa Divinations are conducted by a Babalawo only. 

  • Abosom Divinations – based on Akan Tradition of Ghana,  West Africa
  • Sangoma Bone Throwing – origin Bantu People throughout South Africa
  • Meringdilogun – origin of Yoruba people of Nigeria, West Africa
  • Ifa Divinations – origin of Yoruba people of Nigeria, West Africa
  • Sangoma Card Reading – this is a mini divination

Once you have received your divination ,explaining to you what the underlying problems are,  you will be given a prescription to resolve the problems in your life.  This is the most important part of receiving the divination is following through on the prescription.  It’s like going to the doctors to see what is happening with your health, receiving the prescription,  and following  the instructions of taking prescriptions to restore health.  The goal here is restore your spiritual health  and eliminate the problem that has caused some obstacle or  blockage in your life.

Divinations are done in person, on the phone or by virtual access.

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