Calabash of Prayers & Inspiration

Inside Osun’s Calabash is a wealth of healing like the river that flows and never drys up.  Here please place your pray and affirmation that will not only help you but help and inspire others who will read it. We thank you.

 Affirmation in forgiveness: 

I invite the spirit of forgiveness into my heart right now.  As I receive the spirit of forgiveness in my heart I let it flow through me.  I feel it 3x As it flows through me I forgive any and everyone who has ever offended me, my family or those that I love.  Those that are alive and those that have passed away. Those that are currently in my life and those that I no longer interact with.  I embrace the spirit of forgiveness and I totally and completely forgive myself of all things that I have ever done that was offensive and damaging to to any part of my being and any part of the being of others. I forgive myself totally and completely.  I forgive myself totally and completely.  I forgive myself totally and completely that I may grow to my fullest highest and most useful place on earth and so it is! Aseooo!

Creation Date: Saturday, May 24, 2014 -Still relevant today.


Yeye Osun:  May you bless the people whenever the past by or enter your sacred rivers.  May you spread your love, laugher, joy and sweet honey healing powers upon them that they too may come to know that you are very real and available to help them in their lives as you have helped and continue to help me.  Loving you for showing your favors.


This video is an inspirational video of our OOH Retreat December 2011. May you feel the love and healing energy of what we shared.



  1. Fabia fleming says

    Peace wanted to make a prayer im at a point of my life were im trying to find my true self..tryin to b the rightous lovin woman to b able to teach my kids n send love to every one.

    • Yeye Gogo Nana "Goddess Lovelight" says

      Blessings of Love Divine Soul Fabia!
      We have heard your request and you will receive prayers from our Spiritual Family. We know that the Divine Spirit is powerful and will hear your request. Sending you loving healing prayers for you and your family. May they transform your life that you may meet your Destiny of Knowing Who you Truly are beyond a shadow of a doubt and you will be able to be a living testament of the divine workings of Supreme Spirit! And So It Is!
      Loving you and yours!

      • Twaza Yaa says

        Abundant Love Fabia! Thank you for your prayer request. I pray you find what you seek and that you are open to receive the lessons and blessings from the Divine Spirits. I know that they are working in your life right now, and their presence has led you to the Calabash. I pray that you allow those spirits to guide you so that your inner light will continue to blossom and be a beacon for your children and others to follow.

        Memember of Nyame’s Ile Amadlozi!

    • Twaza Ekua Awotwe says

      Dear Sis. Fabia.
      May you blessed. May you be healed. May you be filled with love from the inside out. May you be led to uncover your true self and may the light that you are shine bright.
      In Love,
      Twaza Ekua Awotwe

  2. Twaza Ama Nsia says

    Ngiyanibingelela Nyame’s Ile Amadlozi Family and Prayer Warriors,

    I am submitting my friend Albert Phillips Jr.’s name into the calabash. He is a Sun of Obatala who also goes by the nickname of L.A. (Lil Afrika ;-). I ask that u view the videos in the link below and PRAY with me that his dream/wish/prayer of reunion & re-uniting with his birth mother and for her to attend his upcoming graduation on May 18th 2013 at Morgan State University happens. This young man has done and continues to do incredible organizing, community work for the city of Baltimore and in the name if our ancestors. I pray hard that he will have his humble wish & dream come true. The videos in this link tell more of his story.

    He is graduating with a degree in journalism. The link below is one of his most recent articles.

    NgiyaThokoza (I am Very GrateFull) 4 any prayers or manifesting innergy u can send his way.

    Ngiyabonga, Medassi Pii, Thank you soooo much!!!

    Twaza Ama Nsia
    (Nyame’s Ile Amadlozi Sangoma/Ukuthwasa initiate)

    • Twaza Ekua Awotwe says

      Greetings Twaza Ama! Love to you and Mahkose to all your Divine Spirits. I pray that your Friend Albert will be blessed and that his prayers will be answered affirmatively. I pray that the roads open and are cleared between he and his mother. And that they both walked firmly with straight backs towards one another.

      In Love,
      Twaza Awotwe

    • Yeye Gogo Nana "Goddess Lovelight" says

      We are praying that the divine spirits and the awesome ancestors in his lineage walk with him to reach his destiny to achieve his dream. May he continue to have faith in this reunion.

  3. Twaza Ekua Awotwe says

    Greetings Family I have a few prayer requests, I pray that you will join in prayer with me for some loved ones…seems as if these things all showed up at once. I’ll be praying and asking for blessings and divine interventions of healing for these close ones… Thank you.

    My Sister: LaToya, that she be blessed with a safe, affordable, new family-friendly home.
    My Aunt: Elaine, for healing of high blood pressure and guidance towards a healthy lifestyle.
    My Friend: Quinn, for healing from pain that the doctors can’t seem to find the root of cause.
    A Coworker: Anthony S. for healing, rejuvenation and full recovery of his kidneys.

    In love,
    Twaza Ekua Awotwe

    • Yeye Gogo Nana "Goddess Lovelight" says

      We are affirming that your sister will be guided towards the home that will uplift her spirits and create a happy peaceful family environment. We pray that the spirit of your Aunite Awakens her with enthusiasim to maintain her blood pressure and do what is necessary to find foods that are healthy and compatible for her healthy soul living. We pray that your our brother Quinn will be guided to the right spiritual healer who may be able to help him with this spiritual issue or the right doctor to help resolve is pain. May the ancestors guide him. We pray that the divine spirits will look at Anthony’s kidneys and restore them to great health and that Anthony does what is necessary to help honor his kidneys and live healthy. And so be it!

    • Twaza Ama Nsia says

      Thank u Twaza Ekua Awotwe 4 for your sincere reply to my prayer request. I have written the prayers requests of your loved ones into my prayer journal. Makhose.
      Twaza Ama Nsia

  4. Yeye Gogo Nana "Goddess Lovelight" says

    Please pray for my sister friend Subira Fo’lami who has been going through breast cancer healing. She is having surgery on Tuesday, April 16th..scheduled for 8 a.m. The surgery is 4 hours long. I pray that the divine spirits all of her warrior spirits, angels, elevated ancestors must protect her during this journey and heal her completely. Ase

    • Twaza Ama Nsia says

      Yebo Gobela, we claim healing and strength restoration. Will include her into my daily prayers and on operation day will send healing rays of light, peace and tranquility. Also will be praying for full recovery and remission. Great Blessings to her.
      Twaza Ama Nsia

  5. Twaza Ama Nsia says

    Ngiyanibingelela (greetings) Shrine House Family,

    Am asking for prayers for an elder mother/auntie figure of mine named Mama Abena Afreeka. Her husband just recently passed and she is in need of comfort, peace, sanctity, Strength, Love and Healing. Her husband’s name is Dwayne..please pray for his safe travel home and swift journey into the light.

    Makhose. Siyabonga. Great Love.

    Twaza Ama Nsia

  6. Gabriel Cruz says

    Eye am at a point in my life where eye see the importance of being committed to the other and eye am going to seek assistance from the ancestors..thank you for listening

    • admin says

      I know that the ancestors will guide you. If you need further assistance please contact us at ooh

  7. TheDivine Within Kim WorknProgress Gregory says

    Praying that more seek Guidance from The Divine and have courage to follow it through.
    Pray that I be open and obedient. Thank you for this ministry.
    Continual Blessings

    • admin says

      Blessings you you! May the ancestors guide you on your journey and may you overcome all obstacles that may stand in your way to your highest good. Loving you to wholeness.

  8. V says

    Prayers for finding an RN position that fits who I am so that I may be financially independent.
    Prayers for my cervical cells which are abnormal, but precancerous.
    Prayers that I find my way in this world in a way that calls to my spirituality and connection to the land.

    • admin says

      Just wanting to let you know your prayers have been heard and will be praying for you on your journey. If you would like your name mentioned you can email us confidentially at WE will put your name on our alter. We pray that your cells are regenerating at a healthy level and cleansed of all toxins that may be causing the root of the problem.

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