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I am Yeye GogoNana “Goddess Lovelight” Osunwumi Iyalode.

Being the  Founder and Creator of Osun’s Orgasmic Healing International is a gift of high merit from Orisha Yeye Osun, the sacred river Goddess of Ogsobo in Nigeria, West Africa.  It is through this primordial Divine Feminine Energy source by which OOH emerges.  I must also acknowledge that is it is  through the collaboration of my Ancestors and Divine Spirit Guides by which OOH’s sacred healing power continues to flourish for all whom chose to bath in these healing & sacred rivers.

It is with great humility I share my brief herstory with you. I was born in Hartsville, SC and raised in Baltimore, Maryland.  A city of great power for changing.  I am the first African American Priest to be initiated into these three very distinct African Traditional Healing System:  Akan of Ghana, West Africa, Sangoma of South Africa and Yoruba of  Nigeria, West Africa.   I was called by my ancestral spirits of each tradition to become a healer within these three paths.  Prior to my calling, I had no knowledge of any of these Ancient African Traditional Healing Systems.  It was only through and after ignitions (initiations) I gained knowledge of my ancestral connection to each of these paths.  I was informed that in my path to Osun it is where she transfers herself into an Egun (an ancestral spirit) and works with the Ancestors. Now, I clearly see how they, the Abosom, Orisha, and Ancestors, are all connected and work together to form a complete functional unit for me to be successful at in my  daily life’s work and help others to do the same, thus “Together We Heal!”

Establishing OOH & Surviving Uterine Cancer

OOH was established in 2011 when I received the message from Yeye  Osun for OOH’s first assignment of hosting  a women’s healing retreat.  Osun instructed me to help women to heal and help awaken them to their own healing powers.  In the midst of planning for this venture,  in July 2011 I was diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer aka Uterine Cancer Stage III B. This means that the cancer has reached an advanced and critical stage. I was shocked and scared because I lost my mother to cancer in September 2001 three months after her diagnosis in July of 2001.   My doctor told me due to the prognosis I needed surgery right away so that the cancer would not spread.  I was completely devastated.


2012 My big sister and I after a few weeks home from surgery with a cather still attached.

What flashed through my mind was that I had worked extremely hard to live a consciously healthy lifestyle, starting from my teenage years.  From that point on I was a vegan and raised my three, now adult, children as vegetarians.  I’ve juiced, fasted, taken herbal remedies, eaten raw, you name it, I had pretty much lived it. I further enhanced my consciousness through meditation, expanding my consciousness, studied and became a Kemetic Yoga instructor.  I maintained a relentless commitment to my spiritual growth and healing practice.  Well, apparently, that was not enough because here having to face Stage 3 Uterine Cancer.

There was so much going on in my mind about this diagnosis.  I thought about life and the imminent possibility of dying sooner than I had planned.  I thought about all I wanted to accomplish verses what I had actually accomplished.  There was so much confusion about how could this happen and  the “why me?” While all these thoughts were unraveling in my head, the OOH occupied a very strong space in my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking about the OOH retreat.  There were women who had already signed up, paid in advance and  exhibited a high level of commitment and  were looking forward to this first OOH retreat. I decided to research and develop a regimen for myself with natural remedies and go ahead with the retreat. In the meantime, I would keep my diagnosis a secret and only share it with my immediate family.

In preparation for the retreat, the thought and irony of me doing  this Osun’s Orgasmic Healing Retreat for women’s healing kept playing over and over in my mind.  Here I am suffering with a major illness. Not only am I sick , but the illness is manifested in my womb. I’m a daughter of  and Priestess to the Orisha Osun, who is the owner of the womb.  Well it hit me like a great water pounding on my crown.  Osun is not only the Goddess of love, prosperity, creativity, and beauty, her speciality is healing women’s wombs.  This is the energy of the  second chakra that sits between the naval and the top of the pubic bone.  She owns the entire reproductive system.  Her primary function is healing of the womb.  This is where the divine femine energy emerges from. Oh my goodness! I recognized that I had become OOH’s first client.  I have to get through this healing process using this primordial source on a very deep level so that I can truly give testimony to the power of Osun’s Orgasmic Healing and better understand it’s mission and how it truly works. Well, in the most difficult places in life enlightenment does happen after all.

This first retreat  took place in Nassau,Bahamas November 25-27, 2011.  There were women from all over the world and the retreat was extremely success.  It changed all of our lives. I managed to get through it with the help of my spirit guides and really close family that assisted me through the very physically painful and moments of fatigue.   Since OOH’s birth, I have had the opportunity to meet women from all over the world and work with them for healing and living their higher purpose.  I am grateful to be able to channel the energy of Yeye Osun  and all my spirit guides for the purpose of healing myself and others. I am happy to say, that even though it was a very painful process getting through surgery, chemo, radiation treatments, tones of prescription drugs and becoming totally codependent on family, I am healed from Uterine Cancer!  I am grateful for a deep and powerful opportunity to gain another leap of faith and trust in the work I’ve been sent here to do. I am especially grateful that I can be a beacon of light for others on their healing journey. I look forward to this dynamic story of my life and the lives of others to continue to unfold it’s sacred mysteries.

Professional and Educational Accomplishments: 

  • B.S Health System Management, University of Baltimore,
  • M.S. Metaphysical Studies. University of Metaphysical Studies, Sedona, Arizona
  • Massage Therapy Certification, Atlanta School of Massage Therapy
  • Kinesiology Certification, Atlanta School of Massage Therapy
  • Certified Kemetic Yoga Teacher, YogaSkills School of Kemetic Yoga Chicago, IL
  • Certified Reiki Practitioner, Institute for Transmutational Healing, Lexington KY
  • Member of Traditional African Healer’s Coalition, Washington, DC
  • Teacher,  African Tradition Healing Priesthood Trainer – Studies in Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria & Cuba.
  • Thank you for visiting! May your personal power continue to manifest and may your healing journey become your best teacher and adventure. 

    LoveLight, “Together We Heal”

    The Naked Healer: YeyeGogoNana Osunwumi Iyalode

    “Forever flowing like a mighty river through all unexpected bends, down pouring falls and curves in life” Goddess LovelightOceanCuba